Karen Brimeyer Leaky Gut Review

It is instructive as much as it is effectively safe to employ. The ‘Leaky Gut Cure’ by Karen Brimeyer is a detailed exposition of one of the most misconceived illnesses of today; complete with safe and natural methods (of getting rid of it for good )as well as easy to follow steps for maintaining long-term optimal health. The book is straightforward and it provided pieces of information that though were personal in nature, have been proven to be factually serviceable in the medical community. What I like about the ‘Leaky Gut Cure’ is that it directed its diet program right at the source—curing the illness from within.

I’ve read a lot of similar books such as this one in the past but what makes ‘Leaky Gut Cure’ different is its emphasis on the natural approach in beating such syndrome. From the highly instructional 4 step process to the list of foods to be eaten and avoided, to the secret technique that would expedite the healing process as well as the tricks of the trade; you name it, the book has it in the most straightforward and practical manner possible. And never in the entirety of the book was a single prescription drug or pill mentioned to aid such program. It doesn’t get any more natural and safer than that!

The ‘Leaky Gut Cure’ is clearly written and designed by someone who have been there before, painstakingly researched the illness and willingly made herself as a guinea pig to come up  with a program that not only is effective but groundbreaking as well–not to mention a cost-effective alternative for the masses.



  • It’s safe to employ as it’s all natural.
  • Cost-effective.
  • Instructive as it discussed in great detail the root cause of the problem, the step by step natural methods/techniques to be followed to cure ‘leaky gut’ and a straightforward program to maintain long-term optimal health.
  • Offers a self-treatment program that patients can perform on their own from the comforts of their homes.
  • Has an 8-week money back guarantee for customers.



  • The ‘Leaky Gut Cure’ offers no shortcuts so each member must practice each step before proceeding to the next one. It’s only a disadvantage to those who are looking for a painless instant result–which I think is obviously non-existent.



The ‘Leaky Gut Cure’ is safe, effective, easy to follow and cost-effective among other things. However, it doesn’t sugarcoat things and definitely doesn’t offer instant gratification—as it should be. It is a long-term, habit-forming program that requires patience, hardwork and unwavering commitment to produce long-lasting health benefits.

The ‘Leaky Gut Cure’ merely shows the way. It’s up to the customers to make use of the knowledge and incorporate it into their daily lives. A wise man once said, “If it’s too good to be true, it probably is.” This program is none of that in any way, shape or form. It offers solutions but the results depend on how well or how hard you work on them.